Six Years Old

So I started blogging six years ago today. A guy by the name of Moses Flores is responsible for my getting into blogging. After I saw his blog and realized that it was free I started one of my own. That was on Blogspot. Then a guy by the name of Jeff Downs came along and I liked his WordPress blog so I migrated to WordPress and haven’t looked back. So thanks to those two and to the few who have read my musings throughout the years. Here’s to six more!



11 thoughts on “Six Years Old

  1. Boy, I need to proof read before sending. That should have said, “thanks for your posts.”
    This is why I stopped blogging and commenting. :)

  2. Tom; Thanks! I didn’t know that I got you into blogging. Very cool. The blogosphere is a better place with you in it, and you have much more patience with Unitarians than I do, so you’re definitely needed!

  3. Nick: Yep. :) Specifically your coverage of the Bowman/Burke Trinity debate some years back, which is how I found you to begin with. Thanks for the kind words – you’ve been a big influence on my study of the Trinity and Unitarianism, so I have to say right-back-atcha re: the blogosphere being improved by your presence in it. Congrats on the anniversary once again!

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