Search Terms

Here’s the search terms that have led people to my blog today followed by some remarks from yours truly.

study bible — My favorite used to be the NLT Study Bible but I’d say that I’ve come to appreciate the ESV Study much more over the past few years.

biblical greek font — The SBL font has grown on me. I used to hate it but now I don’t. I still love Gentium and Gentium Alt though. And Brill’s Greek font is pretty nice too.

esv legacy bible — Not my favorite. It was bulky and I felt like the text ran too close to the gutters.

is the book of eli movie the truth — No. It’s a movie. But the point about walking by faith and not by sight is a truth contained in Scripture.

deliberate sins confessions — Confession is  good for the soul.

rap is evil — No it isn’t. At least not inherently.

god as father old testament — A book by Christopher J. H. Wright that I didn’t give a fair shake upon first reading/reviewing. I’ll have to give it another go.

motion sickness during fps — It happens and it ain’t fun. Totally ruined Left 4 Dead for me.

matthew novenson — Reading his Christ Among the Messiahs right now. Kinda boring but still informative.

abba father — Something Jesus said. Paul said it too. I don’t say it because I don’t speak Aramaic and it sounds hokey coming out of my mouth.

only true god: early christian monotheism in its jewish context — James McGrath’s book, which I gave a lengthy review.

root word of racist — Couldn’t tell you. Try the online etymological dictionary.

tropos hyparxeos — God bless you.

the danger of the common english bible — The only danger is that it’s somewhat off putting if you’re used to other translations. I don’t personally care for the flow of the prose and the poetry sections sound completely foreign to me.

sam shamoun noi — Last time I checked, Sam was a Christian.

was everyone black — No.

everbody claims to be black — Not everybody.

is paul the author of hebrews — Of course!

baruch hashem — Bless God!

most racist song ever — “Nature of the Threat” by Ras Kass

who raps about evil — Plenty of people. Try any Christian rapper. They talk about evil quite often.

did adam and eve have children before the fall — I believe so.



13 thoughts on “Search Terms

  1. I’ve only had motion sickness from Valve FPS games like Half Life and Left 4 Dead. It must be something with the engine used in those gamed. Motion sickness will ruin a game.

    Love the search term posts.

  2. That’s kind of cool that you can see those searches. I may have been the “God as Father in the O.T.” I was looking for sources about the 1st person of the trinity and if there were any references to God as Father not being related to Israel or any created thing. In others words, begotten not made. Anyways, I like the list except for the Hebrews authorship one.

  3. Bryan: Yeah, it’s a shame too, because L4D is so much fun!

    Pär: Really? Thanks!

    Steelwheels: And what do you not like about the Pauline authorship of Hebrews? It is, of course, one of the great truths of the faith! To deny it is to enter into sure heresy! ;-)

  4. To deny Pauline authorship of Hebrews is heresey. Bummer, I guess I’m an anathema. I wonder if there is a cream for that?

  5. I would love to write one of these posts again, but ever since you made me switch to WordPress, I can’t see the location from which the search was conducted, and therefore cannot come up with clever nicknames like “Thoughtful in Tracey (CA, USA)” or “Astute in Alexandria (VA, USA).”

  6. Steelwheels: There’s still hope for you as long as you’re breathing. Just don’t die denying the right and true authorship of Hebrews!

    Esteban: Want some cheese with that whine? ;-)

  7. Steelwheels> Any reliable edition of the King James Bible will print the following title: “The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Hebrews.” Further information on composition, date, and audience is found in a colophon at the end of the Epistle, as follows: “Written to the Hebrews, from Italy, by Timothy.” Of course.

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