Looks Can Be Deceiving

So I’m working part time at my friend/pastor’s barber shop as the morning manager and I took an appointment today for a young lady to come in and get a “faux hawk” (I’ve never quite understood what makes it faux rather than mo-, but I digress) and I know she was a lady because I spoke with her on the phone and took her name down. I even double checked the spelling of the name. Now 9 times out of 10 the girls who come in for faux hawks are lesbians. Fine. Whatever. Not really my point.

So when this young lady showed up she was clearly a lesbian. How was that clear you might be asking. Well, she tried her darnedest to look like a young man. I greeted her and asked if she was just walking in or had an appointment and she said that she had an appointment with so and so. So I knew immediately who she was. Well, she didn’t want to take a seat and wait immediately; she opted to stand at the front desk for a while. I offered her some coffee and she declined. Then her barber said, “Yo bro, go ahead and take a seat man.” He thought she was a he.

So he gives the haircut and when it’s time to pay she goes to the desk, pays, and then the barber said, “Thanks a lot man.” Now these weren’t generic uses of the word “man.” He really believed that she was a he. So after she left I explained to him that he had just cut a woman. He didn’t believe me until I showed her his name in the appointment book. What’s more is that the other barbers couldn’t believe it either. To be honest, I thought it was obvious, but maybe I’ve just encountered a lot more lesbians like this girl. So anyway, her barber felt bad and said, “I didn’t know.”

But I’m assuming that she didn’t mind because (1) she didn’t correct him at any time, and trust me, she had more than one opportunity, and (2) this is obviously the look she’s going for. Well, she pulled it off, and quite well at that. Looks can be deceiving.



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