Question for Former Oneness Pentecostals

I know a lot of Oneness Pentecostals personally. I’ve spoken to hundreds online. But the only former Oneness Pentecostals I’ve encountered have been online and I’ve never thought to ask this question before now so here goes:

Assuming you spoke in tongues as a OP, do you continue to speak in tongues as a Trinitarian? Or have you abandoned the practice, and if so, why?




9 thoughts on “Question for Former Oneness Pentecostals

  1. I have spoken in tongues since leaving, but not frequently. That said, I didn’t do it frequently as an OP either (which resulted in condemnation from within and without).

  2. Not really. The main difference came with the freedom to experience the gift rather than the feeling that I had to force it to happen. Now, I think there is something to this. The OP system is interconnected and quite sectarian. In order to maintain superiority over other Christian groups not only must OPs continually affirm unique doctrines like the Oneness view, Jesus name baptism only, and tongues as the in or out of being saved, but also “standards” like not watching movies in theaters or listening to secular music and if someone could participate in “signs and wonders” it was another “proof” of their orthodoxy over against everyone else’s heresy. So tongue talking was often a badge of being righter with God than others at that present moment. If someone had a “dry spell” it signaled that other things were wrong. After leaving this movement I have had times where I enjoyed the gift, but I knew it didn’t determine my standing before God at a given moment.

  3. Mine is similar to Brian’s; I haven’t abandoned it, but I don’t speak in tongues very often. This question was common in church, When was the last time you spoke in tongues? The question presupposes that this is the only way God is able to work in people’s lives. It doesn’t matter if you talked to God and repented of your sins, you needed to be refilled with the Holy Ghost and the only way we know that this happens is if you speak in tongues. And, for some, if you sin you don’t have the Holy Spirit anymore…when you are part of a OP church everything is a sin so you almost never have the Holy Spirit! In OP’s unshakable faith in God to do the impossible, they have restricted God.

    I try to emphasize what it is important in Christianity….νυνὶ δὲ μένει πίστις, ἐλπίς, ἀγάπη· τὰ τρία ταῦτα, μείζων δὲ τούτων ἡ ἀγάπη.

  4. What about OP’s who don’t speak in tongues?

    And why do you call if a “practice” as if it is something that anyone can do in and of their own free will?

  5. Brian: That’s an interesting take. Even in Trinitarian Pentecostal circles tongues can be seen as a badge of superiority. I actually know people who judge others’ ability to teach, preach, or interpret the Bible based on whether or not they speak in tongues.

    Benjamin: Thanks for sharing your experience. That sounds sadly oppressive, which should be the first indicator that something is wrong. The kingdom is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit! I’m always curious to know what OPs think of Trinitarians who speak in tongues. Do they think the phenomenon invalid or counterfeit?

    Carol: I’ve never known a OP who didn’t speak in tongues. I’m sure that small children don’t, but I’ve only known adult OPs. But OPs that don’t speak in tongues aren’t really occupying my curiosity at the moment.

    As for calling it a practice, I do so because I believe that it is. I believe that anyone who has been baptized with the Holy Spirit and who has spoken in tongues can do it whenever they want. That they don’t isn’t evidence that they can’t, just that they don’t. But this isn’t to say that they can do it in and of their own free will as if the Holy Spirit was not involved. We speak as the Spirit gives utterance.

    As support for this understanding I’d point to Paul’s correction of the Corinthians. He tells them that he prays in tongues more than them all and that he prays in the Spirit and with the understanding; he sings in the Spirit and with the understanding. But he says that when he’s in the church, i.e., when he’s among the assembled saints, he’d rather speak in languages that everyone can understand so that everyone will be built up. So Paul seems to be saying that he can pick and choose when to speak in tongues and when not to.

    Also, if we couldn’t choose when and where we wanted to speak in tongues then Paul’s entire corrective seems pointless. The Corinthians are doing it at the wrong times and in the wrong place and it’s chaotic. If they weren’t choosing that and it was only the Spirit involved and they had no control over it, then who would Paul be to correct the Spirit of God? But is was the Corinthians who chose when and where to do it and they did it for selfish reasons. Paul tells them to pursue love and keep the tongues to themselves if they have no interpretation.

  6. CarolJean- OP’s that don’t speak in tongues are not OP’s. They are better defined as Oneness Charismatics or something….If you know OP’s that don’t require tongues you have found a very rare and “liberal” sect of OP’s.

    Nick-It was, I am glad that I am on a new chapter in my life. :)

  7. Nick, I spoke in tongues years ago when I was baptized in the Spirit and one time a year later but not since then and it’s not because I don’t want to. I’ve prayed and fasted seeking God numerous times over the years because there are OP preachers who teach that one should speak in tongues everyday when they pray and I didn’t. I have no doubt that the Spirit is in me (I’ve felt his presence in me many times) so I’ve come to the conclusion that the gift of tongues is not the same as the evidence of tongues. I still consider myself to be an OP.

    Ben, when I mentioned OP’s that don’t speak in tongues, I meant that those who haven’t done so since their initial Spirit baptism.

  8. Nick, I believe that Trinitarians who speak in tongues do so by the Spirit of Christ that dwells in them.

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