Bully for You!

RHE is a bully and bullies hate when people stand up to them. That’s why she’s so thankful for Jared Wilson taking down a post that she completely misread, misrepresented to her audience, and started a ridiculous internet beef over. When Jared was defending his position RHE was mortified and outraged. Now that he’s retreated she’s all kittens and cupcakes. The bully won and bullies like winning.

On the other hand, Doug Wilson has refused to be bullied. He’s defended himself and bullies hate that. So because Doug won’t back down RHE has moved from outrage and righteous indignation to somehow being above it all. She’s retreated from the trenches of battle and somehow has found a seat among the conscientiousness objectors. Doug Wilson refuses to be bullied and all of a sudden RHE acts as if she’s too good to engage in the fight that she started.

So to Doug Wilson I say: Bully for you! Way to stand your ground. You’ve been in the right all along and you’ve handled things like a scholar and a gentleman. And good for your girls. They were the picture of class. Those who think otherwise need to learn how to read way more gooder.



5 thoughts on “Bully for You!

  1. Finally! A blogger that gets it! The whole time this was going on and I was reading how everyone was getting their panties in a twist (male bloggers included), I just couldn’t understand how they were reading what they were into it. It’s like they were all thriving off of being offended in some nonsensical fashion that made sense only to themselves. Rachel Evans was the worst, of course, but this whole thing also showed me that some really popular bloggers have no clue how to read something in context and understand what an author is trying to say and where he’s coming from. I just couldn’t understand how these people weren’t getting any of it, and actively participating in defaming the character and work of Doug Wilson.

    He seems to be a very careful writer that uses words in the way they were meant to be used. Great for books and blog posts, but not so good for the sound-bite world of the internet bloggosphere. RHE and her ilk should of realized that before blowing their tops! It was worth it to see Wilson and his daughters responding to them though! Reading what they wrote was a literary treat, and I look forward to reading more of what they have to say.

  2. Greg: I think the problem is really that the very existence of people like Doug or Jared Wilson offend the RHE’s of the world. They can’t fathom how it is that anyone can think or believe differently than they do, and when someone does, watch out! RHE and her ilk want to bully people into believing what they believe; saying what they want said, how they want it said; and not taking a stand for anything that doesn’t fit into their little intolerant bubble of tolerance.

    Kevin: I never quite reached the level of disgust. Annoyance, definitely, but not disgust.

    Nate: Indeed! But I choose to not believe that you meant what you say you mean. In the words of Dennis the peasant: ” Help! Help! I’m being repressed!”

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