I just mentioned that I went to meet with the leaders of my church and another gentleman last night. I also mentioned that this gentleman was praying and prophesying beforehand. He was sweating profusely as he was praying and he told me he wanted to pray for me. My pastor went to grab him a towel but he kept declining. As I walked over to him I said something like, “I’d like to stay dry if possible.” Now I was serious but I said it with a smile on my face. In any event, he didn’t pray long, and when the meeting was over he told me that my comment really bothered him and he didn’t find it funny. I simply said, “I’m sorry.” I suppose I could have tried to justify the comment, but at the end of the day it made him uncomfortable and bothered him, which wasn’t my intention. He gladly received the apology and everything was cool. I think I’m gonna start going with a simple “I’m sorry” a lot more often.



2 thoughts on “Apology

  1. How could anyone be offended by that? That’s like saying “I’d prefer if you don’t sneeze in my face.” Who wants others’ bodily fluids all over them?!

  2. Bryan: I suppose I interrupted his flowing in the Spirit or something like that. But you definitely got my line of thinking. The other thing is that I don’t know the guy very well and I’m always a bit leery of letting folks I don’t know lay hands on me like he was doing with everyone else.

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