Any Kindle Fire Users Out There?

I’ve been contemplating getting a Kindle Fire at the end of this month when I have the means to do so but I’m on the fence. I’ve read a number of reviews and they’re mixed, which is not surprising, but I’d love to hear from any of my readers who have a Kindle Fire since I feel like I know you better than the reviewers on Amazon.

Is it worth getting? If you could have gotten something else what would you have gotten? My primary purpose for getting one is to have something more portable than my laptop that I can watch Netflix on. Would you recommend it for that task? How does it handle ebooks? What about PDFs? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



13 thoughts on “Any Kindle Fire Users Out There?

  1. I have one and I like it a lot. I don’t know if it is the best, but I do know I haven’t second guessed my choice (actually it was a gift, but one inspired by my statements about wanting one). I have bought all my books on Amazon and it works great. I have done a PDF once and it worked just fine. The screen is smaller than something like an iPad, but I enjoy watching Netflix and Hulu on it. I think the size is great for travel.

  2. Brian: Thanks! That’s exactly the type of encouraging feedback I’m looking for. The truth is that I have my heart set on one and I want to see if I can be talked out of it.

  3. Hey, Nick. I just bought mine a few days ago. I enjoy it. It’s a little laggy, but that’s how Android-based tablets are. I like the size though, and it’s great for taking notes as I’m sure you know! I hear the Nexus 7 is comparable. You should check that out.

  4. Daniel: Thanks. The Nexus 7 looks cool but isn’t an option right now. I’d be buying this with Amazon gift cards. If Amazon ends up carrying the Nexus 7 then I’ll seriously consider it.

  5. Here is my quick review after using my mom’s after a week.

    It is ok, not great in my opinion. But I would hold off a bit. Amazon has a scheduled press conference on July 31 where they are expected to announce a new fire. Rumors are there will be a better screen and faster processor but that the old one will still be for sale discounted. If you do get one broke that make sure you get a refurbished one. Usually the refurbished are $169 but have been as low as $139. At $139 I think it is a great deal.

  6. I am using the Kindle app (free) on my Droid3 phones, with over 850 books; mostly free! Love it! I also downloaded the (free) Kindle program to my laptop. All these devices sync perfectly. However; I will always pay a little more for a BOOK.

  7. It’s ok. I don’t like being completely tied into Amazon’s ecosystem. The PDF reading wasn’t that good. All the apps I like to use weren’t available for the Kindle Fire when I first had it. Maybe they are now but I haven’t checked. Repligo is a good PDF reader that’s now available on the Fire. It has the best reflow I’ve seen (including on the iPad) and good annotation. I read a lot of epubs and the Fire doesn’t have any epub readers available. Of course you could side load these apps that aren’t available in the app store but you’d have to figure a way to get them from another android device.
    The performance isn’t bad but its not great either. Plus I think Netflix only streams in 480p.
    The biggest things that get to me are lack of physical volume buttons, low sound volume, no expandable memory, no Bluetooth, and no gps. Plus the interface got old fast for me and the virtual keyboard seems a bit off.
    I’d wait to see if they discount it or if the Nexus 7 gets sold at Amazon. For $50 more the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7″ might be a good buy, although I’ve seen two reviews comparing it to the Fire and one thought the screen was better and one thought it was worse.

  8. Adam: Thanks. That review was very helpful.

    Brick: I’ve tried reading on my phone but the screen is too small. I;m with you on paying a little extra for real books though!

    Bryan: That’s exactly the kind of helpful comment I’m looking for to dissuade me from getting one. The Netflix streaming in 480p is a huge problem! I’m also not thrilled that the memory isn’t expandable. For some reason I thought I’d be able to use a micro SD card with it. Maybe that was the Nook tablet.

  9. Nick — I own two Kindle Fires, and several of the older Kindles as well.

    My advice is to at least wait for the Kindle Fire 2, which is expected to ship August 7:,2817,2406781,00.asp

    The original Kindle Fire is somewhat buggy and limited. I think the Fire 2 and the Nexus 7 will be better choices. (I am almost 100% sure that the Nexus 7, which is expected this year, will be available from Amazon.)

    Based on the prototypes I’ve seen, the quality ranking will be

    iPad 3 > Nexus 7 > Fire 2 (but all of them much better than the current Fire)

  10. Adam: I think you’re right.

    Theophrastus: Thanks for the sage advice. I think I’ll wait until the KF2 and Nexus 7 come out. I like the look of the Nexus 7; hopefully Amazon will carry it.

  11. We have an iPod touch, an iPad2 and a Kindle Fire as well. Each is appropriate for different tasks. I carry the iPod in my wallet…yes it fits and has a great batty life! The iPad is better for watching video, but the fire isn’t bad at all. Books on the Fire are excellent and you can email anything you want to your Fire and it will pick it up just like a book or an app. Actually you get separate emails to all your mobil devices and they will all sync so you can continue reading on which ever one you have with you. WiFi battery usage is the only thing that I feel is lacking on the Fire! The iPad is connected all the time, and it doesn’t seem to effect the battery life, where the Fire will run down quickly if you don’t keep the WiFi off when not in use…*: ( The iPad is a bit large to carry outside for mobil use and the iPod is a bit small for regular use at home.

    Plus for the iPad2…when it’s no longer supported by Apple…you can mount it to the kitchen wall and use it for a cookbook displayer…*: )

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