The Power of a Testimony

This is a somewhat longish story so I’ll just give the condensed version. Here goes:

I’m watching my friend/pastor’s barber shop for the week while he’s away. Yesterday the barber who was supposed to be there at 8AM didn’t show up until 11:15AM. The other barber who was supposed to be there at 10AM didn’t show up until 10:30AM. While the cat’s away…

Anyway, in the interim, while I awaited their arrival, a barber from another barber shop (owned by another member of my church) stopped in for a visit. He had his arm wrapped up pretty tight and it was in a sling. I knew that he cut a tendon in his finger but he informed that he had surgery to repair it on Tuesday.

Anyway, I asked him how it happened and he told me that he went to crumple up the paper that the straight edge razor blades come wrapped in only to discover that the razor was still in it. He squeezed it and the rest was history.

So now to my part of the story. I went in to close up the shop tonight and as I was doing my final walk through I saw a pack of razors sitting on one barber’s station. I saw next to that pack a piece of paper that a razor was wrapped in. I picked it up and went to crumple it when I remembered what the guy told me. I looked down and lo and behold, there was a fresh razor in it!

I could have been at the hospital getting fixed up right now rather than typing this! Thank God for this dude’s testimony! Had he not said what he said to me yesterday I never would have thought about what I was doing today. To God be the glory!



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