As promised, here’s a picture of the new bookcase full of books. Mostly Bibles but a few other things as well (Concordia; Apostolic Fathers; Catechism; LDS Triple Combination). Don’t mind the paint on the baseboard.



8 thoughts on “Stocked

  1. Beautiful. I need that edition of the Book of Concord. And the Rahlfs-Hanhart LXX. And the Weber-Gryson Vulgate. And the NA27-RSV NT. And the Hendrickson W-H. *weeps* It never ends!

  2. Esteban: I’d love to send them all to you. Er… umm… Maybe I wouldn’t love it, but if I die, they’re yours! Just make sure to point my family to this comment for proof. ;-)

  3. I have printed the above comment and had it notarized.

    The sad part is that I already have a perfectly serviceable Book of Concord — the Fortress Press edition. I have older editions of Rahlfs’ LXX and Weber’s Vulgate. The only two volumes I actually don’t have are the W-H and the NA27-RSV, but I have each of these texts in other formats. But I need these specific editions too. Help! I need help!

  4. Esteban: I’ll do the same. My mother is a notary if I’m not mistaken so it shouldn’t cost me anything.

    Seeing as how I’m not familiar with the book of Concord in general, does every edition contain all of the Lutheran confessions and catechisms? I’d imagine so, but I really don’t know. And with your birthday soon approaching who knows what you might get. Just make sure to place the pertinent items on your wish list so I can advertise!

  5. Um, Nick… it was a joke, you know. ;-)

    Regarding the Book of Concord, yes, all editions contain basically the same documents, with some exceptions: such things as the Catalog of Testimonies and the Saxon Visitation Articles appear in some editions and are omitted in others, but in any case they are not actually vested with symbolical authority. Common to all editions, however, are the documents to which Lutherans pledge (or ought to pledge) confessional subscription. The edition you have is intended for churchly use, and packs as much as it can within its two covers (including, wonderfully, the order for the Divine Service). The Fortress Press edition is a scholarly volume, based on critical texts, and with many notes that, among other things, painstakingly source each and every one of the texts cited in the Confessions. It translates both the German and the Latin editions of the Augsburg Confession, but omits all of the other documents included in the Concordia “reader’s edition.” So they’re different editions with different (but complementary) purposes, and at least for me it would be useful to have them both.

    And thanks for reminding me of my Wish List — I haven’t updated that in months!

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