Thoughts on the Killing Season Finale (Don’t Worry; No Spoilers)

I firmly believe that the first season of AMC’s The Killing (a remake of a Danish show) was written out before the writers/producers/directors knew they’d score a second season. From the first episode I had Darren Richmond pegged as Rosie Larson’s killer and even with all the red herrings thrown at us all season I never changed that conviction. We found out in the season 1 finale that Richmond was in fact the killer. Or was he?

All kinds of doubt was cast on Richmond’s guilt in season 2 and then eventually his suicidal alibi got him out of our minds forever. Now we were looking for a new killer. And last night we got it. Totally unexpected, and I’d argue, totally contrived. It didn’t make a great deal of sense. The character showed no signs of being the killer in the season prior or earlier in this season. It was a shocking reveal, but it didn’t make a heckuvalotta sense.

I’d like to suggest that Richmond was originally Rosie’s killer, just like I maintained all throughout season 1. When the writers/producers/directors thought they might only have one season they wrote it so that it would end with a lot of finality and only a bit of ambiguity. But the second season opened up opportunities for them to play with the characters and in turn the viewers. And play with us they did.

I’m still trying to decide if I liked the season 2 finale. I didn’t see it coming and once it came I couldn’t really figure it out. Sure, they showed the flashbacks of how it all went down, and I suppose it works into the story’s mythology, but really? That’s who killed Rosie? That’s how it all ends? And speaking of ending; is The Killing done for good or will we see a season 3? Now that Linden and Holder solved the case will they move on to another? The show was built around a specific victim. It’s not like Law & Order or CSI where the victim changed every week.

I don’t know. But I’ve said all this to say that I’m undecided about the season 2 finale and really season 2 as a whole. I didn’t think it matched up to season 1 but I didn’t think it was bad either. Maybe I need to watch it again and give it another chance. We’ll see.



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