Bookcase Modification

So I mentioned earlier on Twitter that I got a bookcase from my church’s thrift store today that I wasn’t very pleased with. It was in rough condition (very shoddily put together and flimsy) but what irked me was how short the bottom two shelves were. And they’re not adjustable. I was also irked by the height of the bookcase overall. It was very short, about 29″ in all. I was considering taking it back but Jim West suggested storing books on it sideways. I thought about it but then thought that I’d just use it for my primary texts (Hebrew & Greek Bibles; Apostolic Fathers) and some other short volumes that I keep housed in a media case. I also fixed the height issue by adding some 9″ legs. Now it’s a little over 3′ and that works just fine for me. Here’s a couple of pics:

It ain’t pretty but it doesn’t need to be to get the job done. Next time you see this puppy it’ll be loaded with books.



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