O How Yesterday Sucked, Let Me Count the Ways

I knew the day before yesterday that yesterday was gonna suck. I said so on Twitter. And like I said on Twitter yesterday; it sucked way more than I thought it would. Let me detail the day’s suckiness for you.

I was asked to meet my pastor at his barber shop in Howell at 9:30AM so we could make a meeting in Toms River at 10:00AM.

I was on time but he was cutting someone’s hair. This meant we were automatically a ½ hour behind schedule. I could have stayed home an extra ½ hour and gotten some things done. That sucked.

The meeting itself was excellent. No complaints there. We met with pastors and discussed ministry matters. Great time. But the meeting ran late and we didn’t get done until 12:30PM.

We stopped for a couple of slices of pizza, which were super thin and ripping. That sucked (even though it tasted good).

Then it was back to the shop to get the trailer hooked up to the truck so we could go all the way to Berlin, which is over an hour from where we were, and pack up some lady’s brother’s house and move it.

I found out that one of the brothers that was supposed to be helping wasn’t coming. That sucked.

We finally leave Howell around 1:30-1:45PM and don’t make it down to Berlin until around 3:00PM. I had to pee the whole car ride. That sucked.

We get to the house, which had been foreclosed on, and it was disgusting. My skins crawled just being in there. That sucked.

We had to move everything down stairs. That sucked.

It was only me and my pastor doing the heavy lifting. That sucked.

We went into the back yard to check if they had anything worth taking for the thrift shop and we came across a shed with a nice standing tool chest. My pastor opened it and I heard buzzing; then I felt burning. I got stung in the back of my head by a hornet. That sucked.

Aside from the items we were told to grab for the move we ended up taking a bunch of things for the thrift store. You’ll see how that sucked in a minute.

Taking those extra items kept us there at least an extra hour. That sucked.

We didn’t leave Berlin until about 6:00PM. That sucked.

We stopped for sandwiches as a Wawa and I forgot to get a bag of chips to go with my sandwich. That sucked.

On the way back we had to make a detour to Whiting to drop something off so this was more time added on to the day. That sucked.

We finally get to Brick where we had to drop off the stuff and it was after 7:00PM. That sucked.

We had to carry everything up two flights of steps. That sucked.

Then we were told that certain things should have been brought down to the basement! That sucked.

Then the lady told us that we couldn’t have the extra items we grabbed because her brother who was allegedly living in the house we moved was coming back for them. That sucked.

She was lying though. No one was living in that house. It was uninhabitable. And we spoke to a neighbor for about 20 minutes and he said it had been abandoned for weeks. She just didn’t want us to have the items for the thrift store. That sucked.

The lady was one of the rudest people I’ve ever met. That sucked.

She barked orders and wanted things arranged and assembled when all we agreed to do was move it. That sucked.

She had three grown men in the house who did nothing but look at us. They didn’t offer to help with anything. That sucked.

She had a case of water sitting on the porch and never offered us any. That sucked.

We didn’t leave this lady’s house until 10:30PM. That sucked.

I didn’t get home until 11:30PM. That sucked.

I didn’t get to see my daughter all day. That sucked.

And what really sucks is that there’s more I could detail that I’m not going to. Suffice it to say that yesterday sucked. Bad. I’ll never do anything related to helping that lady again. At the 10:00PM mark I was ready to tell her off. I started to raise my voice and my pastor kept saying “self-control.” I wanted to punch him in his face for saying it. That sucked.

In the end I just walked outside to cool off. He kept insisting that this was a good testimony. At a certain point I stopped caring. That sucked.

Bottom line; I’m not a mover. If I wanted to be a mover then I would be. I knew I wasn’t going to get paid for the work going in; but the thrift store didn’t even get anything out of the deal. That sucked.

So I’ll just stop here because even thinking about it is making me mad.



9 thoughts on “O How Yesterday Sucked, Let Me Count the Ways

  1. Brian: It was a waste of time. Never again!

    Derek: Thanks. The days that followed were definitely better.

    Esteban: Your loss!

    James: It would have made me mad on that day. Now I’m over it. :-)

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