A Conundrum

A man and a woman are married before coming to faith in Christ. Once they become believers they begin to study Scripture and learn Christian theology. The husband becomes convinced of the truth of egalitarianism while the wife is convinced that complementarianism is true. What do they do?

It seems the complementarian wife is in an especially peculiar position. Does she submit to her husband by assuming an equal role in the relationship since his counsel according to his understanding of Scripture is for them both to be equal? Or does she attempt to instruct him in the truth as she understands if from Scripture even though she believes that she’s in no position to instruct a man?

It’s a conundrum.



3 thoughts on “A Conundrum

  1. I’m not sure why it’s a conundrum. Complementarianism doesn’t mean that wives don’t have perspectives or interpretations that differ from their husbands. Nor does Egalitarianism mean that wives don’t submit, just that they submit to each other as to the Lord. Give a specific example and I’ll try to think through why it would be a conundrum.

  2. Jonathan: Surprisingly I’ve been sleeping like a baby. Whodathunkit?

    Kyle: I thought I did give a specific example. The wife, being a convinced complementarian, doesn’t believe she can exercise authority over her husband in teaching him the error of his egalitarian ways, and at the same time wants to submit to him, but has to do so by exercising mutual submission (= dual headship), which she doesn’t believe is biblical. That doesn’t seem like a conundrum?

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