In the Mail

My order from yesterday has arrived! Here’s what I got again:

From left to right: Reasons of the Heart — William Edgar; Did God Really Say? — David B. Garner, ed.; Christianity and Liberalism — J. Gresham Machen; Inerrancy and Worldview — Vern Poythress; Canon Revisited — Michael J. Kruger.

Thanks again for clicking those links! Keep on clicking! Please!



8 thoughts on “In the Mail

  1. Chuck: Oh yeah? Seems like a problem for the folks at WordPress. Not much I can do about it past switching themes; but that ain’t happening!

    And it is a pretty nice haul. I’m gonna read Machen this weekend just because I owe it to myself.

  2. Chuck: Those are actually .gif files. But anyway… The thing that makes you keep coming back is that you never get what you expect, unless of course you expect me to keep mentioning all the books I get; in that case you get exactly what you expect! :-P

  3. I think every ‘Just Ordered’ and ‘Just Arrived’ post should have pictures included!

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