How Exciting!

I noted a while ago that Chris Tilling’s dissertation “Paul’s Divine Christology” was being published by Mohr Siebeck in its WUNT series (a natural choice—it fits perfectly with plenty of other volumes on the subject—but is superior to them all in so many ways!) and even made a mock cover of what the monograph might look like. Well, I’ve just seen, thanks to Jim West, what the actual cover should look like since the book description is now posted on the Mohr’s site!

I echo Jim’s words when he says:

Hey Chris, remember, you owe me a copy!  Send it along or prepare for the inevitable wrath! All kidding aside. . .I read Chris’s volume in its very earliest stages and even then it was stunningly brilliant.  I’m more than positive that now, having been utterly polished, it is even better.  You owe it to yourself to read it.

The only difference is that there’s no kidding in my telling Chris that he better give me a copy or suffer my wrath! Or I’ll just contact Mohr and see if they’ll send along one for review. But an autographed copy would be nice! So congrats to Chris; this is a big deal and it’s only the first great thing of many great things to come, I’m sure.



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