Wow, the New Firefox Update Sucks!

Update: There’s an option to turn off the stupid website pics in the new tab. Thank God! The scrolling is still hinky though.

For some reason or another Firefox has gotten worse with its latest update. When you open a new tab you see ridiculous pictures of the websites you visit most. Other browsers, like IE8-9 do this, and it’s stupid. And scrolling up and down is weird now. It’s slower and seems stunted for lack of a better term. I am not a fan. If I have to start using Chrome regularly I’m gonna be annoyed!



7 thoughts on “Wow, the New Firefox Update Sucks!

  1. The new firefox update closes or switches windows randomly. I open a page it prevents it until I click the button to allow. Pages take 5 times longer to open when they open after 3 or 4 attempts. Sorry Firefox this is a big blunder like when Bill Gates step down and the crap vista came out. Sorry excuse for an operating system like this update for a search engine. Go back to what worked and fire the lot that developed it. I have one page that did even fully opened and I waited for several hours. Before it was opened in a few minutes. Also it changed my task bar, such as my refresh link and stop link are now gone. I want this back post a fix for this serious error you people have committed. Unless you wish to be like Zynga losing money on its shares because they keep adding crap that is useless.

  2. Jason: Yes, I remember.

    Brian: I’m still getting used to it. It’s better than the new Firefox but if Firefox stayed the way it was then I’d still prefer it. It’s more customizeable.

    Ed: Yeah, it’s pretty terrible. I’ve used it a few times since the update and each time is worst than the last.

  3. I don’t mind the new little do dads, I just get sick of it hanging up and shutting down my email. I use AOL web mail and since the new upgrade AOL keeps telling me I am no longer logged in. This doesn’t happen in Chrome, which I hate, but it’s not hanging up like Firefox. I’m just getting continually frustrated with every new version screwing up on my computer.

  4. I used to really like Firefox like 5 versions ago. this last time i couldn’t install Flash Player until i deleted Real Player. Flash Player sucks soooooooo bad with Firefox every internet radio i stream buffers and hangs Firefox bad! I think they got too fancy for their britches. Google keeps it simple with Chrome and I hate to say I even prefer IE 9 over Firefox now. Too bad,

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