What a Nice Website!

Plenty of people have been talking about a gentleman named Jason Stellman who has recently tendered his resignation from ministry and membership in the PCA. Apparently this gentleman was the lead prosecutor in the trial that threatened to have Peter Leithart removed from ministry for violating the Westminster standards. The speculation is that Stellman is headed to the Roman Catholic Church although he hasn’t said anything about this yet.

Truth be told; I couldn’t care less about any of this. I’ve never heard of the man before yesterday; I’m not a Presbyterian; a member of his church; anti-Catholic; or any other number of things that would make me care about the entire ordeal. But I read a post from Carl Trueman about the situation and in it he linked to Stellman’s church’s website. When I saw it I exclaimed aloud, “What a nice website!” I love the colors and the design. Kudos to whoever did it. I wish I knew CSS and could hook my church’s website up like that.

That’s all.



6 thoughts on “What a Nice Website!

  1. Brian: Yeah, I checked out his old blog, which had Hitler shaking hands with a Pope in the header; and his new one, which is also kinda cool. The church website blew them both out of the water though. I really love the look.

  2. Brian: Yeah. The main offender seems to be a character named John Bugay. I enjoy reading Triablogue except for when this particular fellow posts. I don’t mind people being opposed to Catholicism; but his is a militant form of anti-Catholicism that I find annoying.

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