Forsaking McCalvinism

Paul Manata has written an extensive review/critique of the sections in Thomas McCall’s Forsaken where he critiques Calvinism/determinism. It’s a 22-page PDF, which only proves something I’ve known for some time, i.e., that Manata is nothing if not thorough. He recognizes that his critique goes well beyond what McCall intended in that particular section of his book, but Manata, “use[s] his remarks as launch pads from which to elaborate on the types of criticism he makes against Calvinism.” Whether or not you agree with McCall or Manata; this is the type of in-depth critical review that benefits all involved.



7 thoughts on “Forsaking McCalvinism

  1. Craig: I totally agree. The psalmist, like Christ, was vindicated, not forsaken. He felt forsaken but God was always with him. For the record; Manata’s critique deals with McCall’s arguments against determinism/Calvinism; not Godforsakenness. And in truth, McCall is really just the springboard to Manata to address a pervasive type of argument.

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