“Lutheran” and “Reformed” Apologetics: A Response

I already tweeted these but for those who don’t follow me on Twitter, Tom Lemke has a couple of posts on presuppositional apologetics that were inspired by a Lutheran pastor claiming that evidential apologetics was the way for Lutherans to go.

Check them out: Part 1 & Part 2.



14 thoughts on ““Lutheran” and “Reformed” Apologetics: A Response

  1. Tom: It’s good to have Esteban affirm you indeed! I don’t know how much you know about my dear friend; but he’s probably the most learned person I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

  2. Nick: Having spent some time on his blog in past months, not to mention seeing his book report lists, I can honestly say that I believe you!

    Esteban:Speaking of which, are you blogging somewhere else now? I’d love to see more from you but every time I check in I find the same article on Silva and overinterpretation (which I have forwarded to several people, incidentally – good stuff). :)

  3. Tom: Esteban doesn’t blog on his blog or anywhere else. He’s lazy. And he’s Orthodox, which means that there’s always something going on with his church that requires him to spend hours/days/weeks/months on end fasting, or chanting something, or standing and listening to other people chant stuff in non-American languages. So don’t be surprised when you continue to see that same old (and I do mean OLD!) post on Silva. It’s the best you’re gonna get until the end draws near. When Esteban returns to blogging it will surely be a sign that the Lord Jesus is about the return. :-P

  4. Oh my, such bitterness. ;-)

    I was going to start blogging again on April 1. Then May 1. Then June 1. But I better do something by July 1 — that last post is dated July 3 of last year!

  5. (Also, there will no longer be any book reports. The new acquisitions have simply grown unmanageable. Okay, now back to the Apostles’ Fast, which started on Monday and ends July 12. Oh, and there’s Liturgy tomorrow morning, which will take up most of my morning, requiring me to stand and chant in a few languages, non-American and otherwise. :-P)

  6. Tom: You’re welcome for the enlightenment! ;-)

    Esteban: Just remember how you felt when you realized how long it would be before Silva’s next writing project would appear.

    Make sure to send me an MP3 of the chanting. I hope there’s some Bulgarian in there. :-P

  7. BULGARIAN?! I would sooner suffer my limbs to be severed. All hail the Church Slavonic language!

    And you just remember the never-ending sorrow we all feel because Silva will apparently never publish his commentary on Galatians. Woe unto us, the wretched ones!

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