Be Supportive

I’ve created a Support page in case anyone is interested in the ways they can support my efforts through this blog. I understand full well that this blog isn’t going to be anyone’s first stop when trying to find answers to life’s deepest questions, but every now and again I get an encouraging note from someone telling me that they’ve benefited in some way from something I’ve said. So check out the Support page and consider helping out in whatever way you can. Thanks!



2 thoughts on “Be Supportive

  1. Taking this in a slightly different direction. As bloggers, we need to get better at encouraging each other. Don’t we? At least, I know that I often read a blog post that really encourages me or helps me learn something, and I fail to “like” it or share a brief comment to let the author know. I’m trying to get better at doing this. Sometimes writing can be “lonely” and you wonder if you are wasting your time. At least I feel like that from time to time. Like you said, the occasional encouraging note can mean so much.

    I think we also need to get better at helping others promote their blogs, and perhaps a little less focused on promoting our own. More “partnership” instead of competition is maybe what I’m getting at. There are different blog niches, and if we know someone who would appreciate a certain blog, we should tell them about it.

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