It’s Really Not Fair

If you’re the type of person who enjoys watching invalids get beat with sticks then you’ll want to check out The Jesus Process: A Consultation on Method, Myth, and Madness in New Testament Studies. In this case, Jesus mythicists are the invalids (no surprise there), and R. Joseph Hoffmann; Maurice Casey; and Stephanie Fisher are the people with the sticks (= historical Jesus scholarship that proceeds according to accepted historical-critical methodology — so no complaints about confessional bias allowed).

(HT: Chuck Grantham)


3 thoughts on “It’s Really Not Fair

  1. OK, I’m more than a little surprised to see you praising Maurice Casey and R. Joseph Hoffman. I know you’ve read at least one of Casey’s books and declared “there is little, if anything to commend.” As you doubtlessly know, Fisher is his student and acolyte. Hoffman, it would seem to me, would be even more offensive to you than Casey.

    Did you read the essays? Not only do they make statements I think you would strongly disagree with, they were openly sarcastic and taunting — more like blog posts than serious academic work. Indeed, the essays spend considerable space engaging with random bloggers.

  2. Chuck: Indeed it did.

    Theophrastus: I can’t see that I praised anyone. I merely pointed to material, from non-believers, adding further insult to the injurious cause of Jesus mythicists. They get beat on by Christians and their co-non-religionists alike. There’s plenty to disagree with in the linked posts; just as there was with Ehrman’s book on the subject; but just as I drew attention to that work in my review of it; I drew attention to these posts in this announcement.

    For the record, I’ve read a number of things that Casey has written and I think that some of it has been good; some of it terrible; and some of it less than noteworthy. As for Stephanie; I like her very much, regardless of whose supervision she chose to do her PhD under. Hoffman I know nothing about past the linked material above. And I took them as blog posts; that’s what they are, isn’t it? Casey’s serious academic work on the subject will be out later this year.

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