Porky Apologetic

I was getting my hair cut not too long ago and one of the barbers argued with me about pork being healthier than beef. I said it was and he said it wasn’t. He kept insisting that pork was full of sodium while beef wasn’t. I kept denying it. He then asked his trump question, by which he thought he had me; he said: “What’s healthier: turkey or ham?” I said, “Turkey,” and then explained to him that turkey doesn’t come from cows. I’m serious. He responded by asking if I knew how much sodium was in ham. Again, I had to explain to him how sodium levels increase during the curing process. The pig itself is pretty low in sodium.

And in case anyone is wondering, according to LiveStrong.com, a 3 oz. serving of beef contains about 60 mg of sodium compared to the 51 mg found in the same size serving of pork. And to put things in perspective, a 3 oz. serving of chicken breast contains 64 oz. of sodium! Fish varies depending on the type but the lowest ain’t much lower than pork. So remember, pork is the other white meat, and it’s one of the healthier meats around in and of itself. How one treats and cooks it has a lot to do with how healthy it stays.



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