Selfish Salvation

I speak to one of my best friends nearly every day. Every so often we’ll mention a brother or sister who has missed church lately or has backslidden or something of the like. Sometimes we’ll say something like, “They’re gonna do what they wanna do; I’m just trying to stay saved myself.” On the one hand it’s a truthful sentiment; no one can force anyone else to live for God. On the other hand it’s a pretty selfish sentiment. Lately we’ve been trying to make a more concerted effort to keep up with people and see how they’re doing; why they’ve missed church; what they’re going through; etc.

Salvation will always have an individual aspect to it (all groups are comprised of individuals after all), but we can’t just be saved for ourselves. The great commission is to make disciples, i.e., make more like us, and making disciples doesn’t stop with mere conversion, does it? I don’t think so. Conversion is just the first step in an ongoing process that lasts a lifetime, and it’s a process that none of us (or at the very least me) can make it through alone. It’s a rather obvious point; but sometimes the obvious things are what we’re most oblivious to.



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