Movie Notes

It seems like these movie notes are getting fewer and farther between, but that only means that I’ll have more to cram in each post, I guess.

Everything Must Go — This was an incredibly wry dark comedy that showcased Will Farrell’s range as an actor. He’s funny as ever but in a very different sort of way in playing an alcoholic forced to live on his lawn because his wife has left him and locked him out of his house. Brilliant flick!

Juice — I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen this movie but I recently watched it again on Netflix. It’s really one of the better coming-of-age type crime dramas ever produced. It’s always a kick to go back and see just how many popular rappers were actually in this movie. I’ll watch it a hundred more times I’m sure.

Love’s Kitchen — I checked this one out since Gordon Ramsay had a cameo in it. In the end it was just a run of the mill romantic comedy. Nothing really special about it.

Rango — Me and my daughter watched this together and really enjoyed it. I know folks were complaining that it was a blatant apologetic piece for Big Tobacco or whatever but that didn’t much matter to us. We just enjoyed Johnny Depp’s charming weirdness in lizard form.

Acolytes — Somewhat incoherent with some startling moments that all come via well placed music/sound effects. This is a flick about killers but it seems like everyone in it, even those who don’t make sense as killers, are killers. I wouldn’t watch it again.

Stark Raving Mad — Stupid. That’s it.

The Change Up — I’m biased towards liking most everything that Jason Bateman does, but this one was really funny, even if a bit over the top at times. The kitchen scene with the babies is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

The Sitter –It was your standard Jonah Hill fare, which is to say it was funny, but it wasn’t so funny that I’d watch it again. In the end this was just kinda mediocre.

Project X –I don’t know why the promos compared this to Super Bad but the two movies aren’t even in the same league. This was mildly funny (more annoying than anything really), completely unbelievable (not that Super Bad was real believable), and inexplicably shot documentary style, which added absolutely nothing to the film’s quality, charm, or enjoyability.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol — This was everything I’ve come to expect from the franchise. Smartly written, well acted, and full of action. I was glad to see Simon Pegg get a more prominent role this time around.

Straw Dogs — Reminded me of Last House on the Left only with a more believable ending. I liked it, I guess, but not as much as I thought I would. It was actually pretty boring until the end.

The Avengers — Awesome! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this one. I was worried that casting Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/The Hulk was a mistake. I hated Bana in the role and thought that Norton did a great job, so this made me nervous. He ended up being my second favorite character next to Iron Man, who was brilliantly portrayed, yet again, by Robert Downey, Jr. (the best actor of his generation!). Great dialogue; fantastic story; and even better action and effects. This one didn’t disappoint in any way, shape, or form.

It’s possible that I’ve seen other movies that I just can’t remember at the moment but I’ll have to stop here. Until next time.



4 thoughts on “Movie Notes

  1. I agree with Mission Impossible and Avengers! Juice was good too, but for some reason I thought you said Fresh…which was also an awesome movie in my book! Haven’t seen the others…

  2. Boo ya! I just saw the Avengers today, and I agree with your comments 100%. I was amazed at how it all came together and flowed so well without any skips or jumps, considering how many moving parts there were to coordinate!

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