In the Mail

Christian Focus sent along a copy of Robert Duncan Culver’s Systematic Theology: Biblical and Historical for review. This is a massive volume, but most one-volume systematic theologies are. You can check out the table of contents here and an interview with the author here. I’m looking forward to comparing and contrasting this with Horton & Bray‘s recent volumes.



8 thoughts on “In the Mail

  1. I have the book and have read about 100 pages and enjoyed them very much.
    In the words of Jim Beale’s T shirt:
    So many books
    so little time

    Thanks for the link to the interesting interview.

  2. cfpsocialmedia (Shaun?): Thanks again.

    David: I gotta get that t-shirt!

    Jeff: I haven’t been overly impressed with Horton’s volume either. And I’ve yet to crack Bray’s open. So far I’ve just read the table of contents. I think I’ll be doing systematic theology review next month or in July.

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