Audio Headaches

I use WordPress’ free service so I don’t have luxuries like the ability to upload audio and video. When I do upload audio to the blog and embed the audio player it’s because the file is hosted somewhere else (usually a Freewebs website). But the problem is that I have very limited space for anything on those third party sites because I take advantage of their free services. Well all that space is used up and if I ever plan to do another audio review or anything of the like I’ll have to consider some other options. Here they are:

I can use PodSnack, which my church pays for, to upload all the audio I want to a customizable flash player. The drawback is that the player can’t be embedded on WordPress. The other issue is that the MP3 files can’t be downloaded from the PodSnack page so the listener is stuck having to listen to it from there.

Now I can embed the PodSnack player in a Blogspot blog, which I do actually do (see here), but WordPress is my home. Plus, have you seen the new Blogger interface? What the heck were they thinking with that monstrosity?!! So reverting to Blogger isn’t really a viable option. I’m not quite that desperate.

Another option is to use FileSnack, which would allow me to upload all the audio files I want. It’s a cloud server so there would be no issues concerning me taking up all the space. The drawback here is that the files would have to be downloaded. I couldn’t embed them on the blog like I do with files hosted on a Freewebs server. This doesn’t seem like such a big deal though. A couple of clicks and the listener can play the file on whatever audio player they desire.

And I suppose a less than viable option would be to either purchase the WordPress upgrade so I can upload audio or pay for server space somewhere. Either way I’d have to pay but I’d have the luxury of WP’s handy dandy embedded audio player, which I’ve grown to love. In the end, I don’t have it to spend, and even if I did I don’t know that I would. So for the moment it looks like I’ll be going with FileSnack. If anyone has any better suggestions I’m all ears.

Test File–Click this to download one of the best songs ever!



One thought on “Audio Headaches

  1. Nick,

    They are free and provide lots of space. They are able to offer this through advertising. You can embed a player, or just point to a link. That’s how I did it on my beta website for the Philippians series. Or you can setup your own server then you will have all the space you need :)

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