The Bible in a Year: Sadly, It’s Done

I’ve come to the realization that I’ve fallen way too far behind on my Bible reading plan and posting to catch up. I suppose that it’s technically possible, but I’ve lost the motivation. Short of a divine imperative to pick it back up, I think it’s done for good. Who knows though, maybe I can pick up from the same place I left off next year. We’ll see what happens.



6 thoughts on “The Bible in a Year: Sadly, It’s Done

  1. It happens! I gave up one of my blogging projects because of the burn-out. In any case, I enjoyed your series. I have posts from that series to catch up on, but, from what I read, I appreciated your fresh questions and insights.

  2. You know what? I got burned out on a plan too (the one in the back of my ESV Study Bible).

    But now I’m on a new one, and I *highly* recommend it:

    You may have heard of it – but what you do is read from 10 different places for a reading. I’ve cut mine down to about 5 different places – it doesn’t matter.

    The best part about it is that there is *no set plan* – there’s no dates attached to it, what to read this or that day, etc. If you miss a day, or even a week, there is no “catching up” to do. Which is great!!

    Either way, I pray that you find some way to get the Scriptures into your life every day (and not just from books *about* the Scriptures).

    Grace and Love in Christ

  3. A few years back, a man who was a former member of the b-greek forum contacted me and wanted to read Sophocles Electra finish it in one year. He had eight years of reading greek, was way beyond what they teach in seminary. About the time we were 300 lines into it his wife gave birth to their first child. That was the end of it. I finished the project and a few years later he tried to start up again but children are top priority.

  4. James: Thanks! It’s nice to know that someone was reading it. Who knows, maybe it’ll be like the Catholic lectionary and I’ll go through the whole Bible in three years. I’d like to pick it back up one of these days.

    Zack: I’m notorious for starting Bible reading plans but not completing them. I generally tend to read whatever is pertinent to what I’m studying at the time, so that usually has me in multiple places in the Bible. The goal this year though was to read it straight through since I’ve never done it (I’ve read the whole Bible, just not every book in order). It looks like I’ll just be reverting to my normal practice. I pray you do well with your reading plan!

    C. Stirling: Yeah, I can understand his situation. I have to imagine that it’s tough to read Classical Greek with a kid screaming nearby.

  5. I have not been on your blog in awhile. Thanks for your honesty with your Bible reading plan. The church I attend recently surveyed people on their Bible reading and study habits and although I can’t remember the exact stats…the results were ridiculously high (in my opinion) on the people reading and studying their Bible’s regularly. In other words, to be frank, I think many people were dishonest or just way overestimated how often they are reading and studying the Word.

    I followed a read through the Bible in a year plan once…I did it, but it took me a little over 2 years! : ) Another time, I read through the entire Bible in 3 months! Yes, you read that right! But…I read in The Living Bible (Kenneth Taylor), which is actually a paraphrase for kids rather than a translation. I usually read in NKJV or NASB, so it was very easy reading by comparison. And my point/purpose was to read very quickly like I was reading a novel, and remind myself of the big story and big picture of the Bible. Yes, I missed a lot but it was not my point to meditate or focus on details.

  6. LLM: I go through different seasons of reading. Most of the time I spend time in particular books or on particular passages. Other times I’ll read large chunks of the Bible and span many books. The only time I ever read the entire Bible was in a 3 month period of extended reading. I didn’t read it from Genesis to Revelation though. I read it out of sequence according to the main divisions of Law, Prophets, and Writings in the OT and then I read the NT straight through (which I’ve done dozens of times).

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