Trinity & Baptism: A Question for Oneness Defenders

I know more than a few people who defend Oneness believers as being simply confused about God. In other words, it doesn’t matter whether they knowingly reject the Trinity, they’re just confused about it, and they believed in Jesus to be saved anyway, so it’s all good. But these same folks aren’t quite as lenient when it comes to the baptism issue. When baptism in Jesus’ name is seen as a requirement for salvation then all of a sudden we’re dealing with a works salvation and a distorted gospel message. But not all Oneness churches insist on baptism in Jesus’ name only (most do but there are a few independents that don’t). So here’s my question:

Why is the doctrine of baptism an issue when the doctrine of God is not? In other words, why have a problem with Oneness churches that say you must be baptized in Jesus’ name to be saved and not have a problem with Oneness churches that don’t even though they have the same doctrine of God? If they’re just misunderstanding God then why not say they’re just misunderstanding baptism? And don’t they actually have a better case for their view on baptism in light of verses like Acts 2:38 than they do for their view of God? why does baptism trump God? Help me out here.



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