Thanks for Saving Me Some Money!

I read Jim Hamilton’s glowing endorsement of Crossway’s BHS-ESV diglot a while back and thought for sure that I’d get a copy. Then I read Theophrastus’ review and became sure that I wouldn’t. Thanks for saving me some money buddy!



4 thoughts on “Thanks for Saving Me Some Money!

  1. Yikes! Ouch!

    (Seriously, I was hoping that this might be a better edition. The ESV is not my favorite translation, but a well done Hebrew-ESV diglot [at least getting the verse numbers to match up] would have been interesting)

  2. Theophrastus: It would have been nice. As it stands, I’ll stick with my trusty Stone Edition Tanach. The NJPS Hebrew-English diglot I have is horribly bound.

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