The Bible in a Year: Day 90 (1 Kings 8-9)

1 Kings 8 — The dedication of the temple was as much about confirming the covenant as it was dedicating the temple (v. 26). It was also about asking for God to bless Israel, but then again, that was about his keeping covenant as well. It’s nice to know that Solomon recognized that God could never truly be confined to quarters (v. 27). We often like to invite God into our worship services as if his presence isn’t already filling the room and everything else. Sheesh! Worship was a bloody mess back in the day (v. 63)! Seriously, can you imagine?

1 Kings 9 — If God put his name in the temple forever (v. 3), I can see why Jews would have such a problem when it was destroyed. What does that say about God? Was his name destroyed as well? Were his eyes blinded? His heart pierced through? Was his power neutralized? I can only imagine what must have gone through Israel’s collective mind when the various temples were destroyed. But that’s what makes the Resurrection such a glorious event. Jesus tells his opponents that they’ll destroy the temple of his body but it will be raised up in three days (John 2:19)!



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