The Bible in a Year: Day 89 (1 Kings 5-7)

1 Kings 5 — Solomon is building the temple “for the name of the LORD” (v. 3, 5). The LORD told Moses to tell Pharaoh that he raised him up in order to show his power so that his name should be proclaimed in all the earth (Exod. 9:16). When the LORD was giving Moses the 10 Commandments he told him that in every place where he caused his name to be remembered he would come and bless Israel (Exod. 20:24). Obviously, the name is very important, but it’s also what distinguishes the LORD from other gods. We’ll see this more fully in Isaiah.

1 Kings 6 — Notice that just building the temple wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough to have a place to worship. It wasn’t enough to have a place to facilitate offering sacrifice. God required the true sacrifice of walking in his statutes, being obedient to his rules, and keeping of his commandments if Solomon was to be blessed and receive what God had spoken to David and for the LORD to abide with his people Israel (v. 12-13). We’ve already been told that to obey is better than sacrifice (1 Sam. 15:22) and we’ll see later that even in her most idolatrous state, Israel still offered sacrifice to the LORD, but he wasn’t pleased with such sacrifices (e.g., Isa. 1:10-15).

1 Kings 7 — Hmm… Solomon was building his own house at the same time he was building a house for God. I wonder if we’re supposed to see that as some sort of crypto-rivalry.



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