Abram’s Prayer

I was just reading the book of Jubilees and I came across the following prayer in 12:19-20:

19 That night he prayed and said:
My God, my God, God most High,
You alone are my God.
You have created everything;
Everything that was and has been is the product of your hands.
You and your lordship I have chosen.
20 Save me from the power of the evil spirits who rule the thoughts of people’s minds.
May they not mislead me from following you, my God.
Do establish me and my posterity forever.
May we not go astray from now until eternity.

(Vanderkam’s translation)

Sounds good to me! There’s something interesting going on in the interplay between vv. 17-18 and 19 since in 17-18 Abram twice refers to God’s sovereignty, first saying that “All the signs of the stars and signs of the moon and the sun – all are under the Lord’s control” (12:17) and later that “everything is under his control” (12:18), yet in v. 19 he says, “You and your lordship I have chosen.” I don’t have the time to do it right now but I’d like to look at the relationship between God’s sovereignty and human choice responsibility in Jubilees.



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