The Bible in a Year: Day 80 (2 Samuel 1-3)

2 Samuel 1 — That Amalekite thought he’d find favor by lying about killing Saul, and why not, Saul tried to kill David how many times? And yet David still reverenced Saul as the LORD’s anointed and as king of Israel. This makes me wonder if we should respect certain offices or positions regardless of who’s in them.

2 Samuel 2 — Israel was split before Jeroboam and Rehoboam divided the kingdom between the Northern and Southern tribes. Only this time it was the Southern tribes, Judah and Bejamin, that were opposed to each other. Amazing to think that they’d later stand together when the entire nation would be divided.

2 Samuel 3 — I thought David paid two hundred foreskins for Michal (1 Sam. 18:27) so what’s up with this saying a hundred (v. 14)? I’m too lazy to look into the textual issues but there has to be a variant in one of these verses. David’s curse (v. 29) is harsh. Joab was avenging his brother; surely David could understand that. I’m not saying it was right, but that curse was a bit excessive.



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