The Bible in a Year: Day 77 (1 Samuel 19-22)

1 Samuel 19 — It’s not surprising that Saul continues to try to kill David. That’s the type of person he is. That’s what we’ve come to expect of him. He’s jealous and vindictive and deceitful and arrogant and prideful. What is somewhat surprising is that he still manages to prophesy (vv. 23-24). You’d think that the Spirit would leave him alone at this point, but he’s still God’s anointed, as David will later point out.

1 Samuel 20 — Saul wasn’t wrong when he said that neither Jonathan nor his kingdom would be established as long as David was around (v. 31). Of course Saul’s priorities were off since it was never supposed to be about an earthly human kingdom, and this reflects one of the major problems with Israel’s monarchy throughout its history, i.e., the loss of focus on God’s  rule.

1 Samuel 21 — David asks for five loaves of bread (v. 3) and is fed with the bread of the Presence (v. 6). Again, five represents grace, so David asks for grace and receives a type of Christ, who is the bread of life come down from heaven (John 6:35, 41, 48), full of grace and truth (John 1:14).

1 Samuel 22 — At the end of chapter 21 David pretends to be insane; Saul doesn’t have to pretend; he really went crazy. Murdering 85 of the LORD’s priests is ridiculous. Saul is paranoid beyond measure at this point.



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