The Bible in a Year: Day 74 (1 Samuel 9-12)

1 Samuel 9:2 cf. 10:23 — One wonders why this information is given. Who cares how tall or handsome Saul was? But once we get to his encounter with Goliath we realize that the narrator has been setting up a battle of giants (kinda like Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla). Goliath is big, but so is Saul, plus Saul has God on his side. So what happened? We’ll find out.

1 Samuel 9:6 — Hold on a second… all that Samuel says comes true? You mean to tell me that there have been prophets who were always accurate? Couldn’t be!

1 Samuel 10:6 — Wonderful! The Spirit of God has the ability to turn us into other people (and give us another heart, cf. v. 9)! So how come we so often resemble our old selves?

1 Samuel 10:10 — Is there something about being around a bunch prophets that made Saul prophesy? Or is there something about having the Spirit of God come upon him that did it?

1 Samuel 10:17-27 — It’s interesting that Samuel anointed Saul as prince (v. 1) but it’s the people who declare him king (v. 24 cf. 11:15; 12:13).

1 Samuel 12:20, 24 — The Shema is still at the heart of everything. Even in asking for a king when they already had God as King, Israel can be obedient to the Shema and all will be well (v. 14).



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