The Bible in a Year: Day 71 (Ruth 1-4)

Ruth is such a great story. There’s so many thing that stand out. For example, notice how Mahlon and Chilion weren’t corrupted by their Moabite wives. This is contrary to what we’re used to seeing when Israelites marry with Gentiles. Also, Ruth clearly was loyal, but it seems that she had a revelation of who the God of Israel was and what being in covenant with him meant. Naomi’s other daughter-in-law jumped ship and went back to her gods (1:15); Ruth knew better. It’s also interesting how Naomi tells her daughters-in-law to each return to their “mother’s house” (1:8). Isn’t it customary to speak of one’s father’s house in the ancient world? But this isn’t so surprising given that women are the prominent characters in Ruth. It’s told from a woman’s perspective and two of the three principles (Naomi & Ruth) are women.

There’s also a lot of typological richness in this story. I was all set to point out the various types I discerned but then I came across a brilliant article from Peter Leithart that sees everything I saw and so much more. Read that instead.



2 thoughts on “The Bible in a Year: Day 71 (Ruth 1-4)

  1. You mean you just went through Judges? Man, I have to catch up on your Bible write-ups!

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