The Bible in a Year: Day 70 (Judges 18-21)

Judges 19 — Sodom redivivus. Only this had a tragic result for the visitors. But this shows what doing right in your own eyes gets you. It you to degenerate into the type of thinking and behavior of a people that God destroyed for their wickedness. Also, I wonder if there isn’t something to be said about the act of cutting the concubine up. The man desecrates her body even further to show how the men of Gibeah defiled it in the first place. I’m sure this has significance past what I’m seeing at the moment; I’ll just have to think more about it.

Judges 20 — It’s nice to see Israel respond appropriately to the wickedness of the men in Gibeah. They were right to demand justice and right to go to battle when they didn’t get it.

Judges 20:16 — First, it’s uncanny that they had 700 lefties who were so good with a sling. Second, in the ancient world, and in parts of the world today, the left hand was was seen as unclean; it was shameful. What does this tell us about Gibeah’s chosen men? Third, what’s up with left-handedness in Benjamin? Back in Judges 3:15 the LORD raised up for Israel a deliverer, Ehud, the son of Gera, the Benjaminite, a left-handed man.

Judges 20:38-40 — Am I alone in discerning some kind of sacrificial undertone in the reference to the whole city going up in smoke to heaven?

Judges 21 — To paraphrase something the Bible says: It’s better to have never made a vow than it is to have made a rash vow and then think of underhanded ways to get around it while still technically keeping it.



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