In the Mail

Zondervan sent along a premium leather NIV Single Column Reference Bible for review. I can already tell you that I love it! I’ve never handled a premium leather Bible before and I can immediately tell the difference. I’ve had genuine leather Bibles but they started out a bit stiff and softened up with use. The cover of this one is limp right out of the box. Plus it smells like a brand new leather jacket (hopefully that will fade over time). But the layout is great; the black letter text is great; the ribbon marker is great; it’s a great Bible. The review will have a bunch of pictures so you can see what I’m talking about.



4 thoughts on “In the Mail

  1. Billy: It’s similar but there are no “Topical Ties” at the bottom of the pages. I have the black bonded leather TNIV Reference Bible and it’s my favorite of all time. This one has the possibility of topping it. But I unfortunately missed out on the opportunity to get a Renaissance Fine Leather copy because at the time I was opposed to the TNIV because I thought it was some kind of faddish translation made just to appease egalitarians (of which I am one, but I have no interest in the “gender debate” past having to teach on the stupid thing at my church). Little did I know it was so much more than that. I ended up getting into the TNIV right before it went out of circulation.

  2. Robert: The font size seems to be about the same between the NIV Single-Column Reference and the TNIV Reference but it is smaller than the NIV Large Print Thinline Reference Bible that you sent me. So if the Large Print has 10.5 pt then I want to say that these have something like 9-9.5 pt. The font type is the same between the NIVs but it is different than the TNIV. Another difference between the Single-Column Reference NIV ans the TNIV Reference is the placement of the references. The TNIV has them in the outer margins while the NIV has them in the inner margins. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures up soon.

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