The Bible in a Year: Day 65 (Joshua 22-24)

Joshua 22:4-5 — This will factor into my comments in Hebrews 3-4 in a few months, but for now I’ll say that even in the “rest” that the LORD has given Israel, they are still supposed to “do” something, namely that which the Shema says to do.

Joshua 22:10-34 — There’s a point to be made about warring over worship here, but what’s standing out more than that is how important it is to hear people out and not jump to conclusions. Israel saw an altar and immediately thought idolatry (which is understandable given their past experiences). Reuben/Gad/Manasseh intended no such thing.

Joshua 23 — A wonderful reminder of the importance of keeping covenant and of God’s covenant faithfulness.

Joshua 24:1-13 — The is reminiscent of the early chapters of Deuteronomy. There seems to be a pattern of recapping Israel’s history before moving on to the next big thing. The reminder of where they’ve been is important in understanding where they’re going.

Joshua 24:14-24 — This text used to come up in my discussions/debates about free will with Reformed folks. It presents Israel as having to choose between the LORD or idols, which presumes their ability to make such a choice, which would seem to factor into a debate/discussion about free will, right? Now Arminians will tell you that aside from prevenient grace they’d never choose the LORD, and I’d agree with that. I like Keil & Delitzsch’s comment on v. 18 when they say that the Israelites could not serve the LORD “by [their] own resolution only, and without the assistance of divine grace, without solid and serious conversion from all idols, and without true repentance and faith” (Commentary on the Old Testament, 2:169). Of course any Calvinist could agree with that statement. They’d just have to understand “divine grace” to mean efficacious (or irresistible) grace rather than prevenient grace.



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