The Bible in a Year: Day 59 (Joshua 1-6)

Joshua 1:8 — Classic passage that almost every Christian memorizes. But notice how the law shall not depart out of the mouth—not the heart or mind—the mouth. Of course this doesn’t exclude the heart or mind. One can’t speak something that’s not in their heart (Matt. 12:34) but there’s something to be said of speaking.

Joshua 1:16-17 — They have an interesting take on their obedience. It didn’t seem to me that they did whatever Moses commanded them to do.

Joshua 2:11 — Amazing how Rahab, a Canaanite, caught the revelation (as we Pentecostal types like to say) of who God was via his mighty acts, when his own covenant people seemed to have missed it time and time again.

Joshua 2:12-14 — This is interesting because technically, they should have killed Rahab and her family, but an act of kindness saved them from the fate of the rest of inhabitants of the land.

Joshua 2:18-19 — This is reminiscent of the Passover.

Joshua 3:8-17 — Just as Rahab and her family staying in the house marked with the scarlet thread is reminiscent of the Passover, now the Israelites passing over the Jordan is reminiscent of the earlier generation passing through the Red Sea as Joshua will later make explicit (4:21-24).

Joshua 5:1-8 — The thought of adult male circumcision is a painful one! But it makes me wonder why they weren’t circumcized in the wilderness. Presumably they could have made sharp knives there and gotten the job done. You’d figure that with circumcision being such a prominent feature of Israel’s faith, that they’d have done it even in the wilderness. Perhaps this was just a testament to their lack of covenant faithfulness.

Joshua 5:13-15 — Preincarnate Christ alert!

Joshua 6 — Classic story. Lots of sevens (priests, ram’s horns, days, trips around the city). Seven of course represents God, so clearly God was with Israel. But why ram’s horns instead of silver horns (cf. Num. 10)? I suspect because they were formed from sacrifices. They were birthed out of worship.



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