Iconic Tattoos

I just came across a website called Religious Tattoos and I saw the following tattoo:

This got me wondering. Do the Orthodox consider it sacrilegious or blasphemous to tattoo icons on human flesh?



4 thoughts on “Iconic Tattoos

  1. Derek: I thought the ghost of Michael Jackson was speaking through you when I read your comment. You haven’t gotten into divination, have you?

    Esteban: I figured as much. Thanks.

  2. Technically, this is not an Orthodox tattoo, even if it is done in the style of an Eastern icon. We Orthodox have never accepted (in many cases never even heard of) the Catholic “Sacred Heart” teaching. Any depiction of Christ with the Sacred Heart symbol is RC not Orthodox. Feelings about tattoos in Orthodoxy run the whole gamut of thought. Some believe it is blasphemous, some believe it is fine as long as it is religious (many Copts, Russians, Serbians, etc have Orthodox tattoos). Personally, I am about to get my first, a 7 point Orthodox Cross on my arm.

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