Is it me or does that final mem look more like a samekh?

I don’t know what an “elohis” is; do you?



6 thoughts on “Botched!

  1. The Elohist is one of four sources of the Torah described by the documentary hypothesis. Its name comes from the term it uses for God: Elohim; it is characterised by, among other things, an abstract view of God, using “Horeb” instead of “Sinai” for the mountain where Moses received the laws of Israel, and the use of the phrase “fear of God”. It habitually locates ancestral stories in the north, especially Ephraim, and the Documentary Hypothesis holds that it must have been composed in that region, possibly in the second half of the 9th century BCE. Recent reconstructions leave out the Elohist altogether, proposing a DJP sequence written from the reign of Josiah into post-exilic times. — Wikipedia

  2. You can ask the tattoo guy to give it more of a block look. Then, it would look like a final mem.

  3. Elohis is a hypothetical reconstruction of the original name of God that is found in the earliest strata of the Elohim-source, which in later generations was altered by overly zealous proto-orthodox scribes into Elohim in order to combat the claims of the Elohis-community. The guy with tattoo is obviously a well read German textual critical scholar.

    For further reading I would recommend

  4. Billy: That makes perfect sense. The tattoo is just incomplete. It’s not a final mem; it is a samekh; he just hasn’t have a chance to get the tav (or would it be tet?) added.

    James: Yeah, that one is a pretty easy fix. I’ve seen some that weren’t so easy.

    Pär: That’s a possibility as well. And THANKS for the further reading! That is one of the best blogs I’ve ever seen!

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