Eisenbrauns 10-Day Sale

If you’re a fan of Isaac Kalimi, or you’ve never heard of him and want to check him out, then you need to head over to Eisenbrauns 10-day book sale and see what they have on offer for 20%-51% off! This one looks interesting to me:

Early Jewish Exegesis and Theological ControversyEarly Jewish Exegesis and Theological Controversy
Studies in Scriptures in the Shadow of Internal and External Controversies
Jewish and Christian Heritage Series – JCHS 2
by Isaac Kalimi
Van Gorcum, 2002
xvi + 209 pages, English
ISBN: 9789023237136
List Price: $59.00
Your Price: $47.20

(HT: James Spinti)



7 thoughts on “Eisenbrauns 10-Day Sale

  1. As I recall, you publish your annual list of books purchased the previous year and the last two have had nothing from Eisenbraun’s. At least you are still checking things out there.

  2. Greg: You’ll notice a link to Eisenbrauns as a permanent fixture at the top of my blog, and if you read my book reviews, I generally link to them when they carry the book in question. I also read James Spinti’s blog religiously and regularly notify my readers of Eisenbrauns sales. I support them in every way that I can.

  3. Eisenbraun’s recently had the NA27 (a $60 book) on sale for $15 in their DOTD. I couldn’t resist. Then a few days later the clothbound BHS (a $70 book) for $20. How could I resist that, I ask you? I am waiting for the LXX to show up in the DOTD.

  4. Greg,

    I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. I would love to, but I have to get the publisher to give me a big enough discount to make it happen…that and the Vulgate (I need that one myself!)


  5. James: I appreciate all you’ve done already! I hope to review one of those Paternoster volumes in March (Kay’s book on Owen’s Trinitarian spirituality).

    Alas, I’ll probably never be an OT guy, but I do like to read the OT (most of the times I teach in my church it’s something from the Torah or the Prophets) and books about it. I just wish I was better equipped to critique them (esp. given your excerpts of John Anderson’s monograph; I’d love to get my hands on that).

    Greg: Both were great deals. I’ve gotten most my GBS texts with earned gift certificates. The only one I really feel like I need to get at this point is the large print NA27, but I technically have that already since it’s the text used in the NA27-NET diglot. I’d also like the Greek-Latin NT but that’s always been at the bottom of my list.

    James: That Vulgate is exquisite! I just wish I had more occasion to use it. I also wish I could actually read Latin. Knowing English and a little bit of Spanish helps me to fumble through; but I’ll probably never be able to really utilize it. Still though, it looks nice on the shelf! ;-)

  6. My Vulgate is an old one that I picked up used. The cover is falling off and the binding is broken; the nice thing is that it has the new Vulgate in the Psalms. And, it works, so I have a hard time justifying the expense for a new one…one of these days I’ll have to bite the bullet, though. Maybe I should try and trade in a few of my NA 26/NA 27 extras : )

    You really should get the large print NA 27; your eyes will thank you as you get older!


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