The Bible in a Year: Day 48 (Numbers 33-36)

Numbers 33:52 — Not destroying the high places would be something that plagued Israel for their entire existence. It’s one thing to destroy the idols; but if you leave the places of worship then the idols can simply be rebuilt. Destroying the high places was about uprooting. Destroying idols is simply cosmetic.

Numbers 33:55-56 — This is something else that would plague Israel. By not clearing out all of the pagan nations they fell victim to syncretism. This never ends well. As we’ll read in 1-2 Kings and 1-2 Chronicles, it led to exile, for both the Northern and Southern kingdoms.

Numbers 34:14-15 — Already we see God expanding Israel’s borders. The nine-and-a-half tribes still inherit the promised land while additional land is inherited by the other two-and-a-half tribes. Faithfulness brings increase.

Numbers 35 — This is a helpful section of Scripture because it clearly lays out the difference between killing and murder. Murder is always forbidden. Killing can be accidental and it can also be the penalty for murder. But not all killing is bad (in both moral and pragmatic terms). This is part of the reason why I favor capital punishment.

Numbers 35:25-28 — I really need to look into this. I’m curious about the connection between the death of the high priest and the manslayer’s freedom. It’s almost as if the high priest carries the manslayer’s sentence to the grave with him.

Numbers 36 — On the one hand that seems entirely fair. What’s mine is mine. On the other hand it means sure incest. Gross!



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