Just Ordered

I just ordered a couple more video games. I got Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Oh, and for those interested, I’ve been playing the first Gears of War and it’s awesome! I can’t wait to get into the second installment.


6 thoughts on “Just Ordered

  1. Bryan: Depends on the game. The Fallout games are FPS for all intents and purposes and I love them. I also like Left 4 Dead even though it made me dizzy a couple of times when I played it. I figure I’ll give Call of Duty a shot. If I like this one then I’ll continue to get more of them as the prices drop.

    I can’t wait to get to the second Gears since this first one is so much fun. I like how quickly you die. It’s more realistic to get shot a few times and then die rather than go on forever without any real damage.

  2. Steve: There could be but I couldn’t tell you what it was since I’m a political nincompoop.

    Tom: Indeed I am! That’s the gun one, right? ;-) Funnily enough, I don’t own a gun and I’ve never fired a real gun (although I have shot some paintball guns and bb guns), but I fully support the right to own firearms and I really do like the idea of it.

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