Man’s Dominion

I was reading Daniel this morning and while I was in chapter 7 I noticed how Daniel’s vision saw the various kingdoms as beasts but their dominion was taken away and given to one like a son of man (a human). I can’t help but hear echoes of Genesis 1 here. A restoration of man’s original dominion over the beasts of the field and the birds of the air. I hadn’t noticed this before now.


2 thoughts on “Man’s Dominion

  1. Nick when I was doing a piece on Genesis 1 for an ethics project I came to the conclusion that A`dam is God`s vice-regent over the animals as he names them, as I sure you aware to name something in the world of Israel was to own it so your supposition is probably correct.P.R. Davies in his commentary on Daniel in `The Oxford Biblical Commentary` notes about the sea relating to Genesis with that I suggest you may be on the right lines Nick. As well sorry to hear the trouble when the Hurricane hit you, I was in the one in London in 1987 I would not like to relive that. Best wishes from this side of the pond

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