I Tried to Tell You!

I know folks thought I was joking when I suggested that it was possible that the saints raised in Matthew 27:52-53 were the clouds that carried Jesus to heaven in Acts 1:9 but I wasn’t. You’ll notice that the post was not marked with a “humor” category. Anyway, I was just looking at the HCSB Apologetics Study Bible and I saw a note suggesting that the saints from Matthew 27:52-53 ascended to heaven with Jesus. The brief note says in part: “Presumably the tombs were opened when Jesus died, and the saints were raised and came out when Jesus arose, later ascending at His ascension.” I suggest that they let me write the note for the second edition since I’ll beef it up! But that shows me that my thinking might not be quite so novel, even if they don’t explicitly make the clouds/saints connection.



9 thoughts on “I Tried to Tell You!

  1. So while Paul assures that Jesus was the First Fruits, Acts includes the second, third, fourth, fifth, [lather, rinse, repeat] fruits as well.

    Also, does this suggest that the author of Luke and Acts wrote Matthew as well?

  2. Fr. Robert: No, they’re as wrong as can be.

    Scott: Huh? You lost me. Why would this suggest that the author of Luke-Acts wrote Matthew as well? Are two authors incapable of recording connected events?

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