Daily Archives: August 8, 2011

I Forgot to Mention

I forgot to mention that the Westminster Bookstore included a booklet from Kevin DeYoung called Why Our Church Switched to the ESV in my order. This was a happy coincidence since I just started reading this online Saturday night. It’s nice to have my own copy to consult when I’m offline. I will say, for the record, that I’m no more persuaded by DeYoung than I am by Ryken on the issue, but I appreciate that DeYoung is much more irenic in his presentation.



In the Mail

UPS just dropped off my copies of John Nolland’s The Gospel of Matthew and R. T. France’s commentary on The Gospel of Mark. I’ve gotta spend a little time rearranging my bookcase to make room for these. I really need to go out and get another bookcase so I can devote that one to nothing but commentaries. We’ll see what happens.


Waiting on the Lord

We often sing a song in church that simply says, “I don’t mind waiting on the Lord.” I’ve always taken “waiting” in the sense of being patient or tarrying until the Lord arrives (be that in reference to his second coming or him showing up when we need deliverance). But my friend recently preached and he said that there’s another way to take “waiting,” i.e., in the sense of “serving.” That was revolutionary for me to hear! I can’t believe that I never thought of that since I used to be a waiter/server when I was a teenager. Taken this way I think that some folks will have to be more careful about singing this song lest they make themselves liars (as someone said, “Saints don’t like to tell lies, they just like to sing ’em).