Just Ordered

I just ordered a copy of R. T. France’s NICNT commentary on Matthew with an Amazon gift certificate. Can’t wait to get it!



17 thoughts on “Just Ordered

  1. I just ordered Bock’s commentaries on Luke in the BECNT from WTS’s 50%-off sale! To get them for even cheaper than Amazon was too good a deal to pass up, especially since I’ll need them for the fall semester.

  2. Justin: To be honest, I forgot you were selling commentaries. I just took a look at the used sellers on Amazon and didn’t see you as one selling France’s NICNT volume. But I can’t guarantee that I would have went with a used copy anyway, especially since I’d have to pay for shipping.

    Jason: Cool. I hope to get a couple of commentaries with my next Westminster gift certificate (provided it’s enough). I have my eye on Nolland’s NIGTC volume on Matthew and France’s NIGTC volume on Mark (click those links, will ya?). I’ve wanted Bock’s Luke volumes for a while now but I won’t be spending any significant time in Luke in the near future so they’ll have to continue to wait.

  3. Nick: I’ve had my eye on those for a while, too, but I have to buy according to the dictates of the syllabus these days, so they’ll have to wait. (I clicked on your links, too). BTW, I like the header! Who would prevail between Spiderman and Wolverine???

  4. Jason: I’d like to say Wolverine because he’s cooler, but Spider-Man has his spidey sense, he’s just as strong and fast, and he can web-sling his way into a victory or fast retreat (only to return and wrap Wolverine up in webs at a later date). I gotta go with Spider-Man.

  5. Nick: But surely Wolverines adamantium claws could free him from the web, no? Hmmm… Would be an interesting throw down!

  6. Jason; If his arms are bound at his sides I don’t see how much help the claws will be. He’d have to rely on brute strength to break the webs.

  7. Spider-Man would get killed. Just watched a cartoon today where Hulk and Wolverine fight. The go head up and Wolverine slices stabs him all up and Hulk pretty much gives up (didn’t plan on the 3 ups in that sentence). Wolverine is about to go in for the kill and then they both get shot with tranquilizers.

    Spidey would have to run away from Wolverine. There’s no way he could last if they were actually fighting.

    Spider-Man is such a lame character. I never understood his popularity. The funny thing about the webs is that that’s neot even a power of his. It’s a little contraption he made. Man, I sound like a dork…

  8. Bryan: I always liked Spider-Man but not as much as Superman or Batman. But I think you’re short-selling the webs. Those things are strong man! I’ll concede that if Wolverine can get a hold of Spidey that he’d cut him up. I just don’t think he’d get a hold of him.

  9. I’ve never been a DC fan so I have no love for Superman or Batman although I’d pick Batman over Superman any day. I always thought Green Lantern was a cool character. Marvel has a knockoff of him called Quasar. He had arm bands instead of a ring.

    Speaking of lame characters, I always thought Angel from the X-Men was a lame character. It was awesome when they turned him into Archangel.

  10. Bryan: Yeah, Archangel was pretty cool. I think Marvel had a lot of lame characters, which was bound to happen since they had so many. I thought a lot of their villains were weak. I’ve never been a huge DC fan in general, but Superman and Batman have always been my favorites (but I pretty much liked everyone in the JLA).

  11. Jason: Justice League every time. Marvel doesn’t have a character that can deal with Superman. Not a one. And it wouldn’t do to bring kryptonite to the fight because Batman or Green Lantern or Wonder Woman would just get rid of it.

  12. Nick: I would agree. I’m a latecomer to the X-MEN and Superman was my childhood hero, so naturally I have to pick him. I don’t read the actual comics, so there’s much I don’t know, but Superman is unbeatable!

  13. Couldn’t Pofessor X just wipe Superman’s mind? Or Rogue just happens to touch Superman and then she has all the same power. I say X-Men for the win over JLA.
    Superman is not unbeatable. Doomsday killed him. Remember?

  14. Jason: Amen!

    Bryan: The X-Men don’t have a Doomsday last I checked. And do you really think that Rogue would get anywhere near Superman to touch him? Plus she’d have to touch bare skin and he’d be too busy punching through her face for her to grab his hand or his face (the only two exposed parts of his body).

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Professot X either. If his psychic abilities are so great then why can’t he walk? You’d figure he’d be able to take over the part of his brain that controls motor function and convince it to tell his legs to work. But no, he’s confined to a chair, and Superman would wheel him into outer space where he’d suffocate to death.

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