Game of Thrones: Favorite Characters

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Last month Loren Rossen talked a little bit about The Best Characters in A Song of Ice and Fire. He based his opinions on the book series, which I’ve begun reading but have not even come close to completing (I’m still in the first volume; I really need to get my own copies!), but I’ll be basing my opinions here on the TV series Game of Thrones. The list below isn’t exactly in order since I probably feel the same about final six characters. They could be swapped out and put into any order. The first four are definitely my favorites though.


Tyrion Lannister is without a doubt my favorite character on the show. He’s quick-witted and funny. What’s more is that he seems to possess a certain integrity that the rest of his family lacks. He seems much stronger on the show than in the book, which I like since it doesn’t make me think he’s whining too much.


Jon Snow is my favorite of the Stark kids. Sure, he’s a bastard who doesn’t have his father’s surname, but he’s as loyal to his family as any of the true-born children, more so actually. He has all the honor of his father and it would seem all the courage as well.


I couldn’t think of a better protagonist than Ned Stark. He’s as stoic as they come and it seems that his every word and action is carefully measured. This is what made his false confession of treason all the more surprising. I get why he did it, but I wish that he didn’t!


Bronn is probably the second funniest character on the show next to Tyrion. He’s Tyrion’s unlikely champion and when accused of fighting without honor he admits it and then points to the man he’s just killed and says, “He fought with honor.” How can you not love that?


At first I didn’t like Robb. I thought he was a bit of a douche. But seeing how he rallied the troops and went to war once his father was imprisoned me me like him much better. I thought the scene in the season finale where his bannermen pledge their fealty to him was one of the best of the season.


Jorah seems like an unlikely character to be anyone’s favorite, but there’s a certain hope amidst his sadness that I find appealing. He was exiled from his home for slaving yet he manages to exhibit great honor and his devotion to Daenerys Targaryen.


I like Arya for so many reasons. She’s almost definitely the most interesting of the Stark kids. She’s a tomboy for sure, who is better at archery and swordplay then her brother Brann, but she’s honest and forthright in situations where it would be better for her not to be. She fears things like anyone else but that doesn’t keep her from doing what she has to do to survive..


Syrio offered quite a bit of comic relief as well as the above-mentioned characters. Anyone who’s able to take out half a dozen Lannister goons with a wooden sword is okay in my book. He reminds me of one of the Three Muskateers or a really feisty chihuahua with a Napolean complex. I can’t decide which..


I’m waiting to find out more about Theon’s back-story, and I can’t quite bring myself to trust him, but that’s what I like about him. On the one hand he seems absolutely loyal to the Starks, but on the other he seems like he’s plotting some kind of revenge. I’m excited to see what happens with him in future seasons.


This is another unlikely character to be someone’s favorite. What I appreciate so much about this particular Mormont is his leadership. A perfect case in point is in the way he gets Jon to honor his vows and march off to war against the White Walkers and the other things beyond the Wall. I can’t think of another character, save Ned Stark, who could have convinced Jon to do this. He’s the perfect person to command the Knight’s Watch.

And let me just say that I really appreciate the decision to cast all the Stark children a couple of years older than they are in the book. Let me also say that the casting of the Lannisters (all of them) was perfect. I hate them all (save Tyrion) as much as I imagine is possible. When characters can evoke that kind of reaction then you know they’ve done something right.



11 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Favorite Characters

  1. I have not seen the series and I have only read the first book. However, I am with you on Tyrion. I think he will be a big character. (Big character–get it?) I also loved Ned. He was my favorite. Arya next.

  2. These are all great choices. I’ve only read the books, but I have to say that Jaime Lannister started to grow on me after a while. He’s just the kind of broken and twisted character that I find compelling. And, I won’t spoil anything about upcoming story lines, but there are some really good characters who get introduced later (especially Daenerys).

  3. Mike: Probably. But would it have been called a Napolean complex yet? He probably just made the complex of some other little guy who came before him more famous.

    Greg: You have to watch the series! The one thing that I could have done without was the amped up sex scenes. There’s more sex in the show than in the book (from what I’ve read so far). On the one hand I get it, it’s HBO and their audience is used to such stuff; but on the other hand I don’t think it has added much of anything to the story.

    Marc: See my comment to Greg. Watch the show the first chance you get! I love to hate Jaime Lannister. He’s so smug that I can’t bring myself to like him. What’s worse is that he can back up all the bravado, which makes me hate him more!

    I thought to include Daenarys in my list above but there’s something too obvious about her character. I’m not intrigued enough by her, even if she’s part dragon. I want to find out what she does in terms of taking back her father’s throne, but I’m more interested in her actions than her person.

  4. HBO’s done it again with Game Of Thrones. I think it’s just been fantastic, and the finale was no exception. Some of the best TV I’ve seen so far. When the show aired on Sunday I was getting my kids put down for bed but luckily as a DISH customer and employee I was able to watch it from work on my lunch break using my iPhone and the TV Everywhere app, which lets me watch live or recorded TV from anywhere as long as I have a 3G or wifi connection.

  5. Dude you forgot Daenerys. :/ I really love her, and she features the very last scene. I also liked Catelyn a lot. Good list though, I agree with most of them. Tyrion is fun as hell, an intersting character and is by far the most human of the Lannisters. But Theon, I thought he was kinda annoying sometimes :/

  6. Elias: I agree, Game of Thrones has easily the best show I’ve seen all year.

    3ukz: It’s not that I forgot Daenerys, it’s just that I think she’s a bit boring at the moment. Sure, it was fun to watch her confidence grow, and the final scene of the season finale with the dragons was cool, but she’s predictable. And on that note, that’s what I like about Theon, he’s not predictable. I don’t know what his true intentions are or what he’s capable of. He’s clearly got a chip on his shoulder and is harboring some kind of resentment for being taken as Ned Stark’s ward, yet he seems so sincere when he swears his allegiance to Robb.

  7. No one ever mentions Bran! Ok, so he’s more of the quiet, shy type, but I’ll bet he ends up with a much bigger role, and COME ON, he can see the future! (In the very least he has prophetic dreams.) He’s my second favorite character, just after Arya. I love her because I can relate to her the best out of all the characters (the reason(s) would just bore everyone).
    Tyrion and Jon snow are awesome as well.
    people I don’t like (apart from the obvious Ceris, Jamie and especially Joffrey) are Theon and Sansa. Ok, so maybe not liking Sansa isn’t SUCH a surprise, but I just can’t stand girls like her.

  8. Kina: They’ll have to do more with Brann before he can become a favorite of mine. Sure, his dreams are cool, but that’s all he has going for him. It was be even better if he actually turned into the wolf! Keep in mind that I’m basing this entirely on the show. I have the first 4 books but I won’t read the second book until the second season of the show is over. I want to be surprised.

    Theon is starting to wear on me. If I were to make this list again today I think I’d take him off of it for sure. He’s gross in so many ways. And you’re right, Sansa is the worst! There’s no character I like less! Well, maybe Little Finger.

  9. I don’t know… I kinda like Little Finger. Well know, I don’t LIKE him, but it’s so entertaining and even fascinating to see his schemes and intrigues and so on and so forth.
    I guess you’r right about Bran, so I really hope he becomes more important…

  10. Kina: Yeah, I’ll give you that about Little Finger, but I can say that about half the characters I hate. That just shows how well all of these characters and this entire story is written!

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